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Stingwax is the world’s first On-Demand Digital DJ Service for mixed music. Our service provides a truly effortless musical experience for any occasion. Imagine the capability of having a professionally mastered, ad-free, FIVE-HOUR MIX at your fingertips- with literally the touch of a button. Our service utilizes hit tracks from across the musical spectrum, with smooth transitions between songs for The Ultimate DJ experience.





Pop Hop

Scorching-hot hits from EDM, Pop, Top 40, and Hip-Hop. We’re constantly adding the newest, hottest artists. No need to scramble looking for the hits- leave it to us. All of your Top 40, peppered in with old school and new school Hip-Hop. Hits the spot!

Electric Jukebox

A blast of BPMs from across the Electro spectrum. And we mean across the Electro spectrum! Hits from your favorite electronic music genres, all blended in one category. These genres include House, Progressive Trance, Electro, Breaks, Dance, Dubstep, Trap and more.

Time Bandit

Timeless hits and classic tracks from every decade. This is an excellent choice if you enjoy hits from the past. Even the ones you forgot about! We plucked all the timeless tracks and give you a musical journey into the past of multiple genres.

Perfect Storm

A laid-back mix of Lounge, Downtempo, and Chic. The setting of inspiration for these sets is an upscale, posh atmosphere. A cool and elegant way to set the mood. Excellent for hotels, cocktail lounges, or simply to bring a chill vibe to your home.

Club Zone

Specifically designed to take over the club. This is our prime category for non- stop energy. An ultra mix of euphoric hits, mashups, and the hottest new music to have you in a frenzy, dancing the night away.

Music Cocktail

Here, we’ve taken a little bit of every category across the board. This is one big mash up; excellent for diversity. No need to keep switching categories! An ideal mix for commercial subscribers that can please a variety of age groups. Here there’s something for everyone!

Pure Play

Hand-picked and pure for sound that’s true to the theme. If you’re a purist and want only house, just reggae, straight 80s, etc., try our Pure Play categories. There’s no bouncing here- just unadulterated genres.


Tailored mixes by our featured celebrity of the month; mixes for specific holidays throughout the year. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for constant updates on featured mixes.

Web System Requirements


  • A Wifi or Broadband Internet Connection
  • Any desktop or laptop with 2 GB RAM, Windows 7 or OSX Lion (10.7) or OSX Mountain Lion (10.8)
  • A HTML5 compatible browser (IE7 or above, Firefox 4.0 or above, Chrome 15.0 or above, Safari 4.0 or above) Installed Flash Plugin for your browser


  • A dedicated WiFi or Broadband Internet connection is required for the ultimate listening experience
  • A HTML5 compatible browser (IE8 or above, Firefox 10.0 or above, Chrome 18.0 or above, Safari 5.0 or above) Installed Flash Plugin for your browser

Mobile System Requirements


  • WiFi or a 3G Cellular data network connection
  • iPhone 4G with iOS 6.1


  • WiFi or a 4G Cellular data network connection
  • iPhone 4 with iOS 7.0

Your On-Demand DJ

Anytime. Anywhere.



Stingwax is a unique digital DJ service that streams mixed, transitioned music to virtually any Internet-connected device. Listeners and or businesses can get exactly the mood and ambiance they’re looking for, stay up to date on the latest hits, and forget about managing downloads and playlists across devices and platforms.


Stingwax subscribers will enjoy the convenience of listening to our industry-unique 5 HOUR MIXES. In addition, our music service primarily incorporates chart-topping hits from all music categories into our mixes; there is no obscure music played on our service. We also include unique versions of tracks that aren’t heard anywhere else, and we’ve optimized track lengths in our mixes to heighten the music experience.


When you come across a mix that you can't get enough of, you can save that mix to your favorites. This will allow you to access your favorite Stingwax DJ mixes anytime. Adding or deleting your favorites is ideal especially when mixes are archived.


Stingwax allows you to share your favorite mixes across all social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Friends can easily access the mixes you love. Comments and suggestions are also welcomed on our platform. We’ve implemented several tools to measure the likes and dislikes of all tracks and mixes. This enables us to perfect our service.

Frequently Asked Questions


Stingwax is the world's first fully-automated, mixed-music service. Our professional DJs take tracks and thread them together into one seamless flow of sound. This creates the presence of a live DJ- but without the heavy bill.
Stingwax employs seasoned DJs who have worked in the hottest clubs and at the most popular radio stations. Our DJ team has combined their expertise of different genres and skill sets to deliver incredible mixes. Our focus is on providing a top-notch service from our professional DJs. However, look out for our special feature category which will have sets from well known DJs!
Yes! Stingwax is licensed for both sound recording AND performance rights.


Yes. For individuals on a free trial or the 20 hour tier, you are limited to six skips an hour. For commercial and 50 hour or more individual plans, skips are unlimited.
Constantly! Every day, our busy bees create mixes featuring the most popular, newest tracks; the hottest music will always be at your fingertips. All songs and artists are always listed for your information. You will also receive a Push notification when a mix has been added to your favorite category.
Yes. You can download our Stingwax iPhone app by clicking HERE. The app is universal, which means you can enjoy it on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad.

Social Sharing

Stingwax is a paid subscription service. For just a tiny fraction of the cost of booking a professional DJ, you will receive instant, high quality mixed-music that can be easily accessed from your desktop, laptop, or mobile device.
No. If you can turn on a computer, or launch an app on your Smartphone, you can operate Stingwax. The operation of the service is streamlined and simple. All you need to do is log in and then select your category of music... Stingwax will handle the rest.
No. Just connect your computer or other device to your sound system as you normally would.


No. You’re only able to use our service with one device at a time.
Although we have no advertisements in our service, there are small, unobtrusive "drops" peppered within our mixes on Stingwax Individual. This only occurs around once every 30 minutes, and it's very quick. Stingwax Commercial has no drops at all.
Your service will stop until the next billing cycle begins, unless you decide to upgrade your account to the next level of service. You can upgrade your service at “My Account.�?


No. Stingwax is currently operating under special licenses which only allow our mixes to stream over the web. Don’t worry though– with many different categories to choose from, you’ll have no trouble finding the right music. Besides, you don’t want to clog up your hard drive; each mix is 5 hours long!!!
Stingwax is optimized to perform on a wide range of bandwidths, but make sure you’re on a higher bandwidth for optimal streaming.
You choose a plan and your credit card will be billed monthly. You are able to cancel anytime.


Yes. Our DJs use the clean versions of every song. However, we do offer categories with explicit lyrics. These categories will be labeled as such (ex.: “Hip-Hop Explicit�?).
Yes. If you really like a mix within a particular category, click the “Star�? icon (represented by a star symbol) on the media player, or click the “ ★ �? button on the mobile player. These mixes can be accessed anytime you wish by storing them in your Favorites section. Mixes can be deleted as well.
It’s not intended to be... but Stingwax is definitely a great option to have for any occasion.

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